MaBaMuTu is a blog for music lessons by Mathias Baumann (that’s me ;-).

About MaBaMuTu

I came up with the idea of creating MaBaMuTu because over the years of teaching I found that a lot of students, teachers and professional musicians have difficulties to find a connection between their instrument and music theory. They just learn songs or riffs or phrases by heart but are unable to make music their own. I intend to help changing this.

My mission is:

  • to provide the highest quality in music education in a most comprehensive and detailed way,
  • to provide multimedia orientated education including online blogging, books, video, one-on-one and group lessons and lectures with a focus on practical application of music theory,
  • to provide a holistic approach of learning an instrument and music,
  • to achieve a fun practicing and playing environment for any musician.



About Me

I have been playing piano when I was five years old. I learned classical and rock/pop piano for thirteen years. When I was fourteen years old I started to pick up the guitar and started playing in my first band shortly after. Because I got to the point where I couldn’t teach myself anymore on the guitar I approached a very good teacher and guitarist for lessons. A few years later I started teaching piano and guitar. After I quit my office job in 2003 I became a professional musician and music teacher. In 2006 I moved to Dublin where I played and recorded with numerous bands. In 2009 I started to study music (main instrument guitar) at Blackrock’s Newpark Music Centre. I finished the four-year course in May 2013 with an honours degree in Bachelor Of Arts in Jazz Performance. Since then I have worked mostly on my own music, collaborated in interesting art and music projects and developed a Music Theory course. I have been teaching in Rhapsody School Of Music, Clontarf School Of Music, Blanch School Of Music and the Music Academy for a number of years.

My composition Avoidable Inevitability was exhibited at idir’sGroup Ego Trip 1’, a multidisciplinary art exhibition at the New York Foundation for the Arts Gallery in Brooklyn in 2013/2014. In late 2015 I released the Jazz album Expectations with my quartet. I have been interviewed by RTE and Irish TV about my work as a musician and my collaborative projects. To read about all my projects please check out my homepage.


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