Exploring Contemporary Music Theory


Exploring Contemporary Music Theory is a series of nine books and is designed for musicians, composers, sound engineers and producers of all genre. Each book offers
hundreds of examples and exercises to study and explore music theory in a practical way which can be streamed or downloaded via given links in the books.
The Exploring Contemporary Music Theory series is an essential tool for anyone who is serious about music.
This is the first part of the series The Complete Series:
which is specifically designed for preliminary grade level and introduces the basics of music theory.
Included in this book:
Elements of Music, Introduction to Rhythm, Rhythmic Notes, Bar Lines and Time Signatures, Tempo and Metronome, Rhythmic Examples, Rhythmic Ear Training, Pitch, Intervals, Scales, Melody, Phrasing, Analysing a Melody, Interval and Melody Ear Training,
Harmony, Arpeggios, Chords, Solfa, Harmonic Ear Training, Form, Parts, Form Analyses, Score, Keyboard Instruments, Links to audio examples and exercises.

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